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Bird On A Wire

Parakeet Bird On A Wire Cat Toy


Parakeet Bird On A Wire Cat Toy  
Parakeet with wire furled for storage.

$13.99               Item  #10225



A bird that is safe to catch

Does your cat chatter his teeth and swish his tail whenever he sees a bird? Does he stare at the bird feeder for hours on end? Does he dream about four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie? Then this toy's for you!

Bird-On-A-Wire cat toys are amazingly realistic, stuffed fabric birds on the end of a steel wire. They're approximately 6" from beak to tail with (approx.) an 8" wingspan. The densely-woven, printed fabric is sturdy as well as exquisitely detailed. Even the little feet are drawn in! 

bird wingspan approx. 8"
rod and wire wand approx. 40"


  • Sturdy but soft
  • Move up against walls, along the floor, over furniture and behind plants for a realistic look. 
  • Birds can be stored with the wire curled and make striking gifts for your cat-loving friends. 
  • Please put away when not in use and do not eat any part of any toy

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