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Flickers Crinkles Cat Toy

Flickers Crinkles shown here

$8.49               Item  #10443/20046-7

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The gentle teaser

This lightweight teaser toy is for gentle, close-in play.  It is nice for senior cats and shy cats and those who need just a little bit of excitement. 

Short strands of various materials are gathered up on top of a wire and rod wand.  Choose from lightweight crinkles, silky ribbon, natural raffia and soft fleece.

Flicker come in a variety of interesting color combinations. 


  • short wire and rod handle
  • dangle overhead, swish quickly over pillows
  • rod and wire wand approx. 15"
  • strands are approx. 8"
  • please put away when not in use and do not eat any part of any toy

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