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Adopting an Older Pet

There are great options besides a puppy or a kitten Staff Writer

When we think of adopting a pet, most of us automatically think in terms of a baby pet.  There's something of the stork in all of us and we envision a furry little puppy or kitten that we can mold into our own image of the perfect pet. 

There are, however, many good reasons why an older pet can be a much better choice.  Please take a moment to consider all the variables and think about how a pet would fit into your life now and in the future.  You may find that an older, wiser pet is the more fulfilling choice.


Fully grown
An adult pet has finished growing so you know exactly how large he will be and what he will look like. His mind has matured so you have an excellent idea of what his personality, his intelligence and his temperament will be.  There is no guarantee that your baby pet will grow into the adult that you expect. 

Educated and experienced
As adorable as a baby pet is, they are uneducated in the art of living in your home.   First of all, they need to be housetrained.  Second, they have to be taught everything else appropriate to their species.  You must teach them not to nip your fingers, eat your shoes, bowl you over, scratch your sofa, chew your rug, or whine through the night.  They have to be introduced to crates, collars and leashes, cars, other animals, people, new environments and circumstances. 

If you look, you can often find an adult that is already trained in the basics.  This will save you valuable time and spare your carpeting and furniture.  While others are attending puppy kindergarten for 8 weeks, you are already jogging with your pooch on the beach. 

Easy care
Baby pets need all of their shots, special growth diets and many trips to the vets.   Adults should already be vaccinated and their nutritional requirements are not as demanding.  A thorough checkup by your vet and booster shots should be sufficient.

Changing circumstances
Depending on the species, pets can live from a few years to over 80 -- for some bird species.  Most indoor cats can easily live for 15 years or more while small dogs can live just as long.  A pet that is a baby when the kids are toddlers, can still be going strong when the toddler goes to college.  Your large parrot might outlive you and have to be adopted by the next generation. 

An older animal can be with you for a short but very valuable period of time.  You get all of the benefits that pets can provide (and there are many) and he gets to live out his life in comfort and security. 

Gratitude and good feelings
People who adopt adult animals often say how grateful they seem.  Perhaps they have been in a shelter and are missing their original family.  Perhaps they have been shuttled between homes without much regard to their well being.  Perhaps they've been lost and have wandered the streets hungry and alone for months.  Whatever the reason, even if they come with some psychological baggage, older pets have a good idea of how nice their new home is.  They will be on their best behavior in the hopes of staying in your good graces. 

Just as much fun
Even though a baby seems like more fun, that is not really the case.  If you come home from school or work and your baby has dragged toilet paper through the house or peed on the living room floor or projectile vomited on your wallpaper, you are not going to have much fun until everything is cleaned up.  Babies are cute and adorable but they also require a lot of your time, attention and patience.  Adult pets are cute and adorable but are much more self sufficient and will give you your own time and space. 

Friends, neighbors, shelters, vets and breed-specific rescue groups are all valuable resources for finding an adult animal.  Since most people are looking for babies, you can literally have your pick!  

Ultimately, it's a very personal decision dependent on your individual circumstances.  We hope that this article provides some food for thought and you will consider whether an older pet is for you!

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