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Articles and Information about and for Cats

Our collection of original articles and reference materials. This is provided for information only and does not substitute for professional care. 

Cat General Information
Calling your cat
How to greet a cat
How To Cuddle Your Cat

Cat Characteristics
Cat Vs Human Ages:how old is your cat?
Cat whiskers
Cat Eyes, the Basics
Chinchilla Colors in Cats
Points of Cats, The
Smoke Colors in Cats

Cat Feeding, Watering, Nutrition
Cat lacking table manners?
Lettuce for cats
Why Cats Don't Like Sweets

Cat Psychology and Behavior
Affectionate Cat, The
Grooming in cats
Indoor or Outdoor Cat?
Introducing the new cat to resident cat(s)
Listen to your cat purr
Stray Cats: Feral, Suspicious,Friendly or Clinging?

Tail signals in cats
Territory For Cats

Cat Home Environment
Blanket Landscape for cats
Household Tips for Cats
High rise syndrome in cats
Scratching Posts for Cats, Overview
Sisal for Cats

Soft Paws for cats and dogs

Cat Play and Exercise
Catnip: an introduction
Grocery Bags As Cat Toys
Toys Make The Cat

Cat Health
Bite Wounds on Cats and Dogs
Cat Scratch Fever
Cat Acne
Diabetes mellitus in cats
Feline lower urinary tract disease
Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids
Feline Upper Respiratory Diseases
Hairballs in cats
Tapeworms in Dogs and Cats
Thyroid conditions in cats
Vomero-Nasal Organ and the Flehmen Response in Cats

Cat Litterboxes Problem Solving
Cat marking your vents
Cats peeing on top of the stove?
Litterbox for Kittens
Litterbox Placement and Maintenance
Litterbox Problems With Cats
Litterboxes and strays
Plants as litterboxes

Cats in the Garden
Gorilla Hair Ground Cover
Mulch and cats

Cats and other Pets

Cat's Best Friend Could Be A Dog

Cats Around the World
African Wild Cat
Cat in Other Languages
KittyPeter's big adventures
Quotations about cats

Cat Breeds
Abyssinian Cat Breed
Breeds of Cats in the USA
Turkish Van Cat

Cat Adoption, Feral Cats, Strays
Adopting an Older Pet
What to do about a stray cat

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