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Cat Scratch Fever

A cat bite or scratch can sometimes cause a large reaction in humans Staff Writer

Cat Scratch Fever or Cat Scratch Disease is caused by the bacteria - Bartonella henselae or B. henselae.  Half of cats will acquire this bacteria during their lifetimes from other cats or possibly from fleas and ticks. 

Cats with B. henselae may show mild flu-like symptoms of infection but they usually pass in a few days and often go unnoticed by owners.  Some cats can develop inflammation of the eyes.  Although the organism appears to attack major organs, it does not appear to cause long term damage to them. 

Since symptoms are mild and often go unnoticed,  it is usually not possible to know in advance which cat is currently infected.  Kittens, with their weaker immune systems, tend to carry the bacteria more commonly than adults.  Stray cats, cats newly adopted from shelters and cats who roam outdoors are more apt to carry the bacteria than strictly indoor cats. 

B. henselae can be transmitted, through bites and scratches that pierce the skin or even through the licking of open wounds. Although it is still speculative, humans may catch the disease from fleas. 

Symptoms in humans
- Most people may experience a swelling and rash at the point of injury.  Over several days or a few weeks, mild flu-like symptoms can occur and then resolve themselves without treatment.

- More severe cases for the more susceptible or for those with weakened immune systems can result  in the wound failing to heal or even spread, pus and swelling in the area, swollen and painful lymph nodes around the head, neck and arms.  Other flu-like symptoms include loss of appetite, fatigue and headaches.

- In very rare cases, in those with compromised immune systems, complications can include Bacillary angiomatosis, a serious and potentially fatal tumor-like massing of blood vessels under the skin and Parinaud's oculolandular syndrome.

If you are bitten or scratched by a cat, immediately clean the wound with running water, soap, hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol.  Apply an antibacterial ointment and consult your physician if symptoms worsen or if you have a weakened immune system. 

Preventing Cat Scratch Fever
Avoid rough play especially with kittens.  Never use your hands as 'prey', use an interactive toy with a long reach instead.  If you are handling stray cats wear protective clothing such as long sleeves and gloves and avoid confrontations that could lead to bites or scratches. 

If a member of your household has a weakened immune system or if you are particularly concerned, trim off just the tip of your indoor-only cat's nails or apply vinyl nail covers. 

Deal with all flea infestations immediately including on and off the cat.  Treat all cat wounds immediately and watch for symptoms of infections. 

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