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Cat marking your vents?  

Cat spraying of air vents inside the home is a common problem. Staff Writer

Are your air vents getting a dousing from Fluffy?  We have three theories on why this happens:  one, she can magically send her scent to every nook and cranny of the house thereby claiming possession of the entire house and making it comfortable for her.  Two, she doesn't like the scents coming out of the vents.  Three, none of the above. 

Whatever the reason, here is our solution.  Clean the vent with a non-ammonia cleanser.  Ammonia cleansers smell too much like urine which gives the entirely wrong idea to your cat.

Get the most concentrated citrus-scented liquid air freshener you can find.  Spray the vent and the area around it with the citrus scent making sure you are not damaging your furniture or flooring.  Refresh the scent daily. 

If you prefer not to spray the vent and the area directly, you can douse a cloth with the scent and then tie the cloth securely to the vent.  If the vent is relatively small and out of the way, a plate or bowl of the scent may do the trick. 

While it is possible that cats are not fond of the scent of citrus, it is also possible that the initial nose-numbing 'sting' from the scent is more important than the actual scent itself.  We have found that cats do not like the smell of fresh cut onions either but ignore the smell of cooked ones.  Therefore, a strong smelling pine cleanser, as long as it is refreshed at least once a day, will do the trick as well. 

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