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Grooming in Cats

Cats are usually self-grooming but sometimes need some help from you Staff Writer

Basic Cat Grooming
Cats groom themselves and each other with their tongues.  A cat's tongue has small, backward-facing barbs and acts like a tiny comb to separate strands of hair and remove mats and objects.  If you have ever been licked by a cat, their tongue feels rough like sandpaper.  A cat's saliva has disinfectants and deodorants which it deposits on its fur and helps keep it clean and odor-free. 

Cats groom themselves and each other for a variety of reasons.  These include cleanliness and hygiene, comfort and bonding.  Generally, a normally well kept cat that isn't keeping herself groomed isn't feeling her normal happy and healthy self and this can be one of the first indications that something is wrong. 

Some cats, particularly long haired breeds, aren't able to keep themselves groomed and need a daily brush to keep the mats and debris away.  Daily grooming requirements and even professional grooming requirements are a consideration when adopting a long-haired cat.  Those long, silky and beautiful coats are a wonder to see but may be more time and effort than most people wish to invest.

Some older cats, obese cats and cats who are sick aren't able to reach all of themselves and may also require daily or weekly help from a brush or slicker comb.  In the worst cases, cats may require you to carefully snip mats and debris out of their coat or even to take them to a professional groomer. 

If you need to groom your cat, consider that cats have a defined schedule of activities:

1. Hunting
2. Eating
3. Grooming
4. Sleeping
5. Repeat

In the case of the domestic cat the hunting is replaced by playing.  If you play with your cat (we recommend one of many interactive cat toys) and then feed her she should be ready to be groomed before sleeping. 

Removing Mats From Cats
If you need to remove mats from your cat, try these steps:

1. See if you can use your index finger and thumb to gently twirl the mat away from the skin.  A small amount of corn starch can help a moist mat ball up enough to separate it clearly from the underlying skin.  If the mat is stubborn, this can take several minutes or even longer.  The trick is to avoid pulling and causing pain. 
2. When the mat is clearly separated from the skin, very carefully cut it out of the fur using blunt-nosed grooming scissors. 

An unkempt cat can develop irritated spots on the skin under mats.  Mats can also hide thorns and small twigs and other irritating debris.  In extreme cases, they can cause a break in the skin and become infected. 

Autogrooming is defined as a cat grooming itself.  

Allogrooming is defined as a cat grooming another cat. 

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