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Bathing the Cat: Dry Baths

Homemade and commercial dry baths for your cats Staff Writer

Most of the time your cat simply needs a light brushing to keep her clean.  A cat can spend hours every day keeping her coat and skin in good condition and free from debris and dirt.  As long as she looks good to you, she's doing a good job.  A long-haired cat may need extra care for mats but these can be kept to a minimum with a gentle daily brush. 

Every now and again though, your cat may need a little extra help.  Perhaps he has been ill or is old or a little overweight and not limber enough to reach all of his parts.  Perhaps you just want to do a little extra grooming before company comes.  If you wish to provide that extra bit of care but want to avoid trying to actually bathe your cat, try one of the dry bath preparations. 

You will want to make sure that your cat has used his litterbox, been fed and is otherwise content.  If you have a second person hold your cat during the bath it will make things go much faster.  Otherwise, you can try doing just a portion of your cat's coat and see how it goes. 

You probably do not want a half 'dusted' cat running around the house trailing powder in his wake so it's best to start small.  You may also find that your cat is thoroughly pleased with the bath and is happy to lie down and purr while you massage his coat and skin.

Dry Shampoos
There are a number of commercial preparations known as dry shampoos.  You will want to start with a dry cat so that the dust does not clump onto the hair. 

Cover the top of your table with newspaper, find the cat and the shampoo and gently brush your cat from head to tail to fluff up the coat and make it easier for the shampoo to penetrate to the skin.  Dust your cat with the shampoo according to the manufacturer's directions. 

Gently work the dust into your cat's hair and leave on according to the manufacturer's directions.  You may want to confine your cat to a small area of the house so that he does not dust your furniture with the shampoo.  Gently comb out the dust thoroughly so that your cat does not ingest it when he resumes licking himself. 

Alternatives to commercial dry shampoos include corn starch, unscented talcum powder and bran.  Bran, which is readily available at grocery stores or at pet stores as food for bunnies, can be spread onto a cookie sheet and warmed in the oven.  When it is warm, but not hot, to the touch you can massage it into your cat's coat and then leave it on for several hours. 

If you are new to bathing your cat, you can start off working half of your cat's coat or just a small section to see how easily your cat takes to it.  Try and keep your cat from licking or ingesting too much of the bathing material. 

Wipes for Allergies
Although not technically dry and not technically a bath, these wipes are made just for cats.  They are made to pick up traces of a cat's saliva that create allergic reactions in some people. 

If you are going to have a guest who you know is allergic to cats, this is nice added measure. 

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