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Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD)

The urinary tract Staff Writer

Also known as feline urologic syndrome or FUS, this relatively common disease is caused primarily by struvite crystals which form in the bladder causing inflammation, bleeding and obstruction of the urine.  In the most extreme cases of urinary blockage, this is a life-threatening disease. 

Struvite crystal formation is encouraged by an alkaline (high pH) urine.  On the other hand, oxalate crystals that form in the bladder are discouraged by alkaline conditions.  Diagnosis consists of a physical exam, urinalysis or blood tests for the presence of toxins that indicate kidney destruction.  For obstructions, intravenous fluids are used to dilute the level of toxins in the blood and a catheter is inserted to remove the crystals and allow the normal flow of urine. 

Causes of FLUTD could include viruses, bacterial infection, physical abnormality, urine retention, insufficient water consumption, stress, over consumption of minerals in the diet, obesity and frequent nibbling.  Although both males and females are susceptible, male cats, with narrower urinary systems, are more prone to life-threatening obstructions.  Males that are unusually prone to FLUTD can have a perineal urethrostomy to widen the urinary opening in an effort to avoid serious blockage.  Obese cats are more prone to recurring FLUTD. 

Diets that consist primarily of dry kibble that is high in magnesium and ash (minerals) and low in acidity are suspected of causing FLUTD.  Milk that is rich in calcium and minerals can also encourage FLUTD.  Frequent eating during the day encourages alkaline urine so meals should be limited to 1 or perhaps 2 a day.  Cats should be encouraged to drink more water or eat more moisture rich foods in order to dilute the urine.

There are prescription kibble (dry) diets that are available from veterinarians but there is much controversy about these products since they are dry.  Since lack of moisture in the diet can be a cause of this disease a high quality canned (wet) food provides 700-800% more moisture than dry food.  Excess carbohydrates in dry food are also suspects in this disease. 

Cats without easy access to clean litterboxes could retain urine so additional litterboxes, automatic ones or more frequent cleaning and changing of the litter can encourage more regular usage. 

FLUTD can be the cause of litterbox problems as urination becomes painful, irritating or impossible.  Symptoms can include litterbox accidents, blood in the urine, excessive licking of the area, painful crying, irritability, loss of appetite, etc. 

FLUTD can recur even with proper diet and care. 

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