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---"I can't believe how your company understands cats so well"

A Cat's Best Friend Could Be A Dog

Sometimes opposites do attract Staff Writer

Cats are solitary creatures coming together occasionally when there is a constant source of food.  Even then, the cat community tends to consist of related females and their kittens. 

As solitary hunters, cats likely see other cats as competition for scare resources such as territory and prey.  When strange cats meet, they are likely to be suspicious and outright hostile, with the territory's inhabitant running off the newcomer. 

If your cat exhibits hostility toward other cats in the neighborhood or has a history of fighting with cats you try to bring into the house, his best friend might just be a dog.  A friendly, cat loving or cat tolerating dog, shares some characteristics of the predatory cat without the worry of direct competition.  The dog is a group-oriented being which is something most cats are not.

What kind of behaviors might a cat exhibit with his new best friend? 

- Cats have been known to snuggle up to dogs during cold weather. The much larger dog is a radiator with fur while the small dog is a hot water bottle that never cools down.

- Cats can follow dogs on walks around the neighborhood or other protected areas.  Cats walk in a start-and-stop fashion and tend to make slow progress down the street.  With some work, however, you can have both a leash walking dog and cat to amaze the neighbors and stop cars in their tracks.

- Cats can use dogs to help chase off feline intruders.  A cat followed closely by a barking or running dog will startle even the biggest cat bully into retreat.

- Cats can practice stalking on dogs.  Cats can lie in wait behind the sofa, run, jump up and play bite the dog.  The worst that generally happens is that the dog will turn around and chase the cat. 

- Dogs can substitute as grooming targets.  A snoozing dog can take the brunt of a cat's overdone grooming instincts.  Unlike human noses and thumbs, dogs have lots of hair which is a reasonable substitute for another cat. 

- Dogs can alert cats to the presence of the unexpected and potentially dangerous.  A dog that suddenly rises and begins barking at the door or window will send cats fleeing to the closet.  

A dog in the house will need to be cat-safe.  Some dog breeds, such as sight hounds like Salukis and Greyhounds or small animals hunters such as terriers may be dangerous for cats.  Kittens and puppies raised together are unlikely to be harmful to each other but adult animals should be introduced carefully. 

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