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Diabetes Mellitus in cats

The endocrine system Staff Writer

Diabetes mellitus is a condition caused by abnormal glucose metabolism.  Glucose, also known as blood sugar, is used in the body's cells, tissues and organs for energy.  The hormone insulin is responsible for regulating glucose in the blood stream, allowing it to be transferred from the blood to the tissues.  Tests will reveal excess glucose levels in the blood and urine.

Insulin is created in the pancreas so diseases of or damage to the pancreas can cause a deficiency of insulin.  Lack of insulin prevents sufficient glucose transfer to the tissues, glucose builds up in the blood and tissues have insufficient energy and will begin to break down protein and fat instead.   Ketones, a byproduct of fat storage breakdown begin to accumulate in the blood and high levels of ketones (ketosis) can cause any number of problems including liver damage, nervous system damage, coma, kidney failure, chronic infections, gangrene and blindness. 

Diabetes can also be caused by the body's insufficient reaction to insulin in the blood.  The body develops insulin resistance and fails to react normally to insulin in the blood.  Causes of insulin resistance include obesity and over use of corticosteroids. 

Diabetes mellitus can be either complicated or uncomplicated depending on the severity.  Complicated cases, resulting in serious weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty breathing require immediate veterinarian diagnosis and care.  Treatment consists of fluids, medications to raise the pH level of the blood lowered by too many ketone acids, carefully regulated insulin and monitoring of blood glucose levels.  Insulin must be carefully regulated in order to prevent excess insulin (hypoglycemia) and the resulting shock, seizures and possibly death.   Treatment for this serious disorder requires daily monitoring and administering of medications as required.

Other diseases can occur along with diabetes mellitus.  These include weakening of the immune system, kidney disease and cardiomyopathy.  Cardiomyopathy refers to changes in the thickness of or contractility of the heart tissue that can result in heart failure.

In uncomplicated cases, many cats do not require insulin but an improved, higher fiber diet to help regulate glucose absorption and combat obesity.  Medications that increase insulin production, reduce insulin resistance or slow glucose absorption can be given orally. 

Keeping your cat sleek, well exercised and on a healthy, nutritious diet will help prevent diabetes mellitus. 

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