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---"I want to add my praise for WiggleLegs Frog toy.  My cat loves to play with WiggleLegs No other toy will do.  When I ask her to find WiggleLegs she goes right to it!  I just ordered 3 more as I'm afraid you will stop making them and then I don't know what we will do!"

---"Once again, you have provided excellent service with an excellent product. Thanks for the extra - it was a hit! My cats are totally addicted to the WiggleLegs Frog, so please keep plenty in stock!"

---"I just wanted to let you know that my cat, Molly, is absolutely addicted to your FlyToys. I literally have to hide them from her so she will go to sleep at night, but as soon as morning arrives she is sitting right in front of their hiding place waiting for them to come out and play."

Each MetPet FlyToy is handmade by skilled artisans with great attention to detail.  They come in the form of bugs, amphibians, mammals and more in three very reasonable price points.

---"I can't believe how your company understands cats so well"

Territory For Domestic Cats

How much square footage will your cat stake out? Staff Writer

How much square footage does your cat need to be happy?  Domestic cats generally learn to live within the boundaries we set although behavior problems can result from perceived overcrowding.  Some cats, in addition, need a little extra room to be content. 

Space is three dimensional for cats because they climb so well.  A space with limited footprint will gain size, from your cat's standpoint, if it has trees or shelving or furniture or fences to climb.

If you are having cat arguments and squabbles inside the house, simply adding more vertical space can bring instant peace.  You can rows of shelving or a very tall cat tree structure or move furniture to create a series of 'stairs' to the top of a sturdy bureau.

Indoor/outdoor cats will stake out a comfortable space by marking, fighting and chasing interlopers.  This can be limited to their own backyard or may encompass the entire neighborhood.  A cat with a large territory and lots of feline neighbors or stray visitors is a very busy cat.  He may come in and out of the house all day long checking and rechecking his territory in between eating, napping and drinking water for marking. 

An unneutered male may claim 20 times the space that a neutered female will which means if a neutered female is happy with the house and a small backyard, an unneutered male may claim the property of your adjoining 19 neighbors as his own. 

This claiming behavior can be characterized by marking vertical surfaces such as posts and bushes or leaving droppings uncovered in strategically important areas.  An unneutered female or neutered male will probably fall somewhere in between these extremes. 

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