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Bite Wounds on Cats and Dogs

...from Cats and Dogs Staff Writer

Due to the differences in their physical structure and their actions, wounds inflicted by cats and dogs have different characteristics.  Pets that are free to roam the neighborhood can get into fights where they are subject to serious bite wounds. 

Dog bites are more common than cat bites as cats generally use their claws when fighting.  Bites from a cat or dog that you know, is in good health and immunized are less worrisome than those from a stranger.  Superficial wounds that are not bleeding can be gently cleaned with soap and water and then treated with a topical antiseptic like Neosporin.  For bleeding wounds or if you suspect internal damage, contact your veterinarian immediately. 

Cat Bites
Cats, with their narrow, small and sharp teeth inflict deep, penetrating wounds.  They commonly become infected with bacteria which can be delivered deep into the tissue.  Cat bites require thorough cleaning, antibiotics and drainage of the abscess (sack of pus).  Infection symptoms generally show up within 12-24 hours.

Cat bites generally deliver a mix of pathogens including:
Bacteroides (anerobic bacteria)

Dog Bites
Male dogs and small dogs are the most common canine victims of dog bites.  Small dogs in particular can sustain serious damage from multiple wounds.

Dogs bites can also penetrate deeply, tear the skin and damage the tissues well below the skin.   The lacerating action of dog bites can shred the skin and the strong jaws can break bones.  Dog bites can also damage nerves, internal organs, tendons, vessels and even cause death.  Bites to the throat and abdomen in particular can result in death. 

A dog's jaw can typically deliver 200-400 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure.  The damage, therefore, can be well below the surface of the skin so all dog bites should be treated seriously.  Although there may be only bruising visible on the skin, there may be invisible and serious internal damage.  Bite wounds require thorough inspection, cleaning, draining and treatment with antibiotics.  Symptoms of infection generally show up in 12-24 hours. 

Dog bites generally deliver a mix of pathogens including:
Bacteroides (anerobic bacteria)
Capnocytophaga canimorsus
Eiknella Corrodens
Pasteurella Multocida

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