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Trichobezoars or Hairballs in Cats

That hacking cough from your cat could be a hairball Staff Writer

They sound like something from the era of the dinosaurs or aliens from outer space but they are simply hairballs. Animals that lick their fur or their neighbor's, invariably ingest some of the hair.  If enough hair is ingested, it can compact itself, along with food into balls or mats inside the digestive system. 

If you ever see your cat retching, often while making an incredible wailing sound, drooling or spitting up liquid laced with hair, this could be a sign of a hairball about to be vomited.  If a hairball is not regurgitated, then it should pass through the digestive system. 

Hairballs are often shaped like fat cigars and can include bits of food, grass and liquid. In rare cases, the hairballs become large enough to cause obstructions in the digestive system and must be removed through surgery.  These matted balls or discs can end up anywhere along the digestive tract and, if not removed, will cause serious problems and can sometimes even be fatal. 

To reduce the amount of hair that your cat ingests, here are some ideas:

- Groom your cat daily.  This is especially important for long-haired cats and helps prevent matting as well.  The hair that you remove through brushing will be less hair for your cat to ingest.  

- Using a damp sponge or packing tape, remove hair from furniture, your cat's bedding and from around the scratching post. 

- Give your cat a hairball lubricator 2-3 times a week or per the manufacturer's recommendation.  1/2 teaspoon of vegetable oil, petroleum jelly or a commercial hairball lubricator can help ease the passage of small clumps of hair. 

You can add some to your cat's wet food or place some on his haunches.  He will ingest it as he grooms himself.  If you place the hairball lubricator on his paws, he may shake it off (and onto your walls) instead of licking it off. 

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