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Bathing the Cat: Wet Baths

Sometimes everyone has to get wet Staff Writer and Really Angry Cats bathtub faucetMost indoor, short haired cats keep themselves clean by regularly grooming themselves with their tongue and teeth.  Long haired cats, outdoor cats, stray cats and cats who get themselves into grease, paint or some other noxious substance can use human help from time to time.  Cats who are regularly bathed also have significantly fewer allergens on their fur, about 40% less, which is a great help to those humans who are allergic to cat dander. 

Although one or two breeds of small cats, the Turkish Van for instance, and tigers enjoy swimming in water, most cats will not appreciate being bathed.  If your cat goes ballistic when you try to bathe it, try one of the dry shampoo methods or a professional groomer.  A cat groomer is one professional who really earns their keep!  It isn't easy to bathe and groom a stranger who doesn't like to be wet and who has sharp claws and teeth. 

For your protection, we suggest the following:

- start bathing a cat as a kitten to get him used to both bathing and blow dryers

- clip off just the sharp, triangular tips of your cat's claws prior to bathing.  Dull claws are preferable to really sharp ones.  If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, note that clipping nails means he cannot defend himself as well. 

- if possible, get a second pair of hands to help gently but firmly hold the cat

- make sure the cat has used the litterbox prior to bathing

- make sure your water heater has plenty of hot water in it

- thoroughly brush your cat's coat to remove loose hairs

- clip out any hair mats with a pair of rounded-point scissors.  Rounded-point pet grooming scissors are a worthwhile investment.  They will last for years and will prevent accidental nicks and cuts. 

Basic Bathing Requirements:

- A warm, dry room with a closed door

- A sink, a bath or a shower with a hand-held shower head attachment.  If you don't have a shower attachment for your sink or bathtub, you will need a lightweight plastic container, measuring cup, bowl or cup to fill with warm water.  If you don't wish to fill up the entire tub, you can place a plastic bin inside the bath and fill that up instead. 

- A nonskid rubber mat inside the sink, bath or shower

- A lightweight plastic cup or bowl for a more concentrated source of water

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