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Please play safely and put away all toys when not in use.  Please do not eat any part of any toy!

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---"I want to add my praise for WiggleLegs Frog toy.  My cat loves to play with WiggleLegs No other toy will do.  When I ask her to find WiggleLegs she goes right to it!  I just ordered 3 more as I'm afraid you will stop making them and then I don't know what we will do!"

---"Once again, you have provided excellent service with an excellent product. Thanks for the extra - it was a hit! My cats are totally addicted to the WiggleLegs Frog, so please keep plenty in stock!"

---"I just wanted to let you know that my cat, Molly, is absolutely addicted to your FlyToys. I literally have to hide them from her so she will go to sleep at night, but as soon as morning arrives she is sitting right in front of their hiding place waiting for them to come out and play."

Each MetPet FlyToy is handmade by skilled artisans with great attention to detail.  They come in the form of bugs, amphibians, mammals and more in three very reasonable price points.

---"I can't believe how your company understands cats so well"


How to find the right dog

Forget the fashion of the day, the right dog is a very personal decision Staff Writer

The availability of so many different types of dogs can be a boon or merely bewildering.  Too many people choose a dog based on looks.  This is unfortunate because the single most important characteristic of a happy human-dog relationship is personality.  The personality of the dog should complement that of the human. 

Since a dog will be with you for 10-15 years, it makes sense to spend several weeks considering what will suit you best now and in the foreseeable future.  The extra time and care you take now will help ensure years of happiness.  Dogs adopted on a whim frequently end up in a shelter, abandoned in the backyard or euthanized.  Therefore, to prevent havoc in your life and tragedy in your dog's, please take the time to consider your own needs and choose a dog accordingly.  

The better you know yourself, the better choice you can make about a specific breed or type of puppy.  Here are some starter questions that can help you narrow your choice.

What are your own characteristics and preferences?
Are you bold and aggressive, timid or somewhere in between?
Are you physically strong, delicate or somewhere in between?
Can you live with excess hair, drool and odors or are you meticulous and sensitive
    to such things?
Are you cuddly and demonstrative or standoffish and independent?
Do you prefer a challenge or want an easy relationship?
Have you had a dog of your own before or are you a novice?

What type of environment do you have?
Can you commit to daily exercise or will you only be able to manage the occasional walk?
Will you be spending lots of time at home or will you be out most of the time?
Do you live in a large house with lots of extra space or do you live in crowded conditions?
Do you live close to or far away from neighbors?
Do you live where it is warm, dry, cold or wet?
Do you have a large fenced yard or easy access to a park?
Are there (or will there be) children, cats, other dogs, other pets or elderly people in the house?
Does anyone in the house have allergies or chronic illnesses?

What do you want in a dog?
Do you want a dog for yourself, your spouse or your children? 
Do you want to show and breed your dog?
Do you want a dog for a specific function such as protection, hiking, sports, hunting, obedience
  trials, etc?
Do you want a high-maintenance dog or an easy-keeper?
Do you imagine having a specific breed or type of dog?

The beauty of the canine species is its variability.  Once you know what you are looking for, there is a high probability that you will find the specific individual that will make you very happy.  Once you've had some time to think it over, you're ready to narrow down your choice of puppy

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