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Find a good source for your puppy

It can take many months to find the right one and it's worth it! Staff Writer

Now that you've selected the breed or type of puppy you want, where are the best sources?  Puppies and kittens used to be sold in pet stores everywhere.  Now, however, most pet stores carry only supplies along with some gerbils, mice, hamsters, fish and other small pets. 

One reason was that the increased demand for purebred puppies led to the proliferation of backyard breeders and "puppy mills."  These are people who breed dogs for profit without worrying about sanitation, genetic disorders, disease and proper socialization.  This resulted in generations of dogs who were sickly, prone to disease and even psychologically unstable.  Another reason is that pet stores are simply not safe places for the youngest puppies. 

One word of caution, just because a breeder has registration papers from the AKC or other well-known organization, does not mean that the puppies (or kittens) are sound.  Tens of thousands of animals are registered every year and there is no way to police all of the breeding activity. 

Finding a purebred puppy
First, check with a local or regional breed club to see if there are shows in your area.   Breeders who take the time and go to the expense of showing their dogs are most apt to care about preserving the best qualities of the breed.  At the show, you will be able to see a number of dogs first hand and meet some of the local breeders.  Some of the breeders may have litters not yet claimed or have ones due in the near future.   You can put your name on a list for future litters, pick up some business cards, get referrals to other breeders and so forth. 

As in all things, there is some controversy regarding the registries and clubs.  Breed standards are set by groups of humans and are based on how the dog looks from his skeletal and muscle structure, hair, eye color, set of the tail, etc.  Standards change over time as preferences change.  There is always some politics, favoritism, showmanship and infighting mixed in with the genuine desire to breed superior dogs. 

Second, check with a local or regional breed rescue organization.  Although most rescue dogs are adults, there may be an older puppy or very young adult dog.  Volunteers within the organization may also know of reputable breeders with litters in your area. 

Third, it never hurts to ask!  If you see the kind of dog you are looking for walking down the street, ask the owner for the breeder's name.  A friend, relative, co-worker, veterinarian or groomer may also have good referrals.  

Fourth, check the breeder ads in dog magazines and internet breeder listings.  By now you've done the research, you know the breed standard and you know what you are looking for.  Some breeders ship dogs across the country and even overseas.  If you have not dealt with that breeder before or have some sterling referrals, you are definitely taking a risk in buying a puppy sight unseen. 

Finding a mixed breed puppy
The best place for finding a puppy is the local animal shelter.  Although it can be disheartening, you may have to visit one several times before you find what you are looking for.  Just because you go to a shelter in search of a puppy does not mean you have to leave with one.  Unfortunately, most people want to leave with all of them.  

Other options include friends, neighbors, coworkers, veterinarians and animal hospitals, groomers, pet store bulletin boards and even the classified ads. 


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