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  Toy Breed

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  Companion Dog
  Country of Origin Modern Chihuahuas were found in the State of Chihuahua,  Mexico in the mid 1800s. 
  Ancestry The ancestry of the Chihuahua is rather murky. Chihuahuas may be descendants of terrier-type dogs carried onboard ships by Spanish traders and deposited in South and Central America.  Chihuahuas might be direct descendants of the Toltec/Aztec Techichi dog used in religious ceremonies.  Chihuahuas may be an ancient breed brought from Asia across the Bering strait land bridge.  The history of dogs in the Americas, similar to the modern Chihuahua stretches back 1,000 years. 
Original  Function The Chihuahua is a companion dog.
  Height at Shoulder 6-9"
  Weight Maximum of 6 lbs for AKC. Maximum of 6.6 lbs for FCI.
The weight of a Chihuahua is more important than its height for show purposes.
  Lifespan 18 Years
  Coat Chihuahuas come in both the short (smooth) and longhair (shown here) varieties.  Chihuahuas have a wide variation in coats with the short variety being generally smooth and close to the skin.  Longhair Chihuahuas have smooth or slightly curled coats.  Short and longhair Chihuahuas can have undercoats.  In the USA, both varieties are a single breed.  In other countries, they are two different breeds.

Chihuahua coats can come in any color and any combination of colors.  Chihuahuas range in color from white to black and a very wide variety in between.  There is controversy over the Merle Chihuahua since the Merle gene is thought to coincide with a number of health problems and some enthusiasts consider Merle to be an unacceptable coat color. 
  Tail Short (smooth) haired Chihuahuas have medium-length, smooth tails carried high and even curled over the back.  Long haired Chihuahuas have heavily plumed tails carried high or curved over the back. 
  Head Chihuahuas have small, rounded (apple-domed) heads.  Some Chihuahuas have fontanels, or a gap, in their skulls which never close.  The fontanels, or molera as they are known in Chihuahua descriptions, do not appear to negatively affect the dog. 
  Ears Chihuahuas have large, prick ears.  The large ears act to dissipate heat. 
  Related Breeds Rat Terrier
  Alternative Names  
  Famous Individuals Taco Bell Dog.  Well (or over) dressed celebrity companions.  Heaven Sent Brandy, the Guinness Smallest Dog


  Grooming: The short haired or smooth Chihuahua requires minimal coat grooming.  The long haired Chihuahua is easy to groom as well and requires brushing every few days to keep free from mats.  Since the Chihuahua is an indoor dog, they are generally neat and clean household companions. 
Exercise requirements: Low.  Although the Chihuahua is an energetic breed, its small size does not require or allow for lengthy walks. 
  Aggression: Chihuahuas vary widely in temperament.  Some Chihuahuas are very good watchdogs as they can be suspicious of strangers.  Chihuahuas can be aggressive toward strange dogs. 
  Temperament: Chihuahuas range from the timid and skittish to the surprisingly bold.  Different lines of Chihuahuas appear to have very different temperaments.  Chihuahuas can be demanding of affection and attention.  Some Chihuahuas can bark incessantly. 
  Owner requirement: Firm and gentle.  Chihuahuas are very small dogs and are extremely small and delicate as puppies.  They are generally not good in households with very young, boisterous children. 
  Trainability Moderate
  Health concerns Pulmonic stenosis, hydrocephalus, patella luxation, cleft palate, hemophilia A, collapsing trachea, heart valve abnormalities, hypoglycemia. 
  Environmental requirements: Chihuahuas have good tolerance for heat although they require shade from the sun.  Chihuahuas have no tolerance for cold and will need clothing and warm bedding in cold climates.  Very small dogs may require bells to avoid accidentally being stepped on or kicked.  Care should be taken around beds or couches as tiny Chihuahuas can fracture bones when jumping from high places. 

Some individuals can be difficult to housebreak particularly in cold climates.  Arrangements, such as indoor pads, may have to be made depending on the weather. 

  Feeding requirements: Smaller, more frequent meals may be required.  Foods higher in protein and fats may be required. 
  Activities: Therapy Dogs.  Constant Companions. Chihuahuas are such small dogs that they can easily be carried to places where larger dogs are generally not welcome. 
AKC: American Kennel Club USA: Toy
UKC: United Kennel Club USA: Companion Breeds
CKC: Canadian Kennel Club: Group 5 Toys
FCI: Fédération Cynologique Internationale: Companion and Toy Dogs
    Group 9/Section 6/The Chihuahua is Breed 218
ANKC: Australian National Kennel Council: Group 1 Toys
KCUK: Kennel Club United Kingdom: Toy
NZKC: New Zealand Kennel Club: Toy
The tiny Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog ranging in size from around 3 pounds to 10 pounds (out of breed standards).  Chihuahuas are compact, alert and energetic resembling terriers in their temperament.  The tiniest Chihuahua is a mere 6" long from nose to tail tip which is shorter than a standard desk stapler.  Heaven Sent Brandy from Largo, Florida won that distinction in January of 2005.

Chihuahuas are lively but do not require long walks.  They are house dogs and cannot live out of doors.  Chihuahuas can be surprisingly bold and aggressive towards strangers and strange dogs.  Temperament can be gauged by seeing the parents when possible as different bloodlines produce dogs with a wide range of personalities.  Chihuahuas are very popular dogs so care should be taken to select for solid temperament as well as physical soundness.

Chihuahuas are easily transported, easily exercised and can live in small apartments as well as large homes.  They are also one of the longest-lived of dogs often living well into their teens.
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