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Dog Drooling

A drooling dog could simply be genetically inclined, be hungry or be sick Staff Writer

gen_mout.gif (4416 bytes)Yeech!  We love our dogs but not their drool.  Even though we have it on bad authority that dog saliva is an exceptional lubricant and moisturizer, we aren't buying it. 

Some dogs are droolers due to the structure of their mouth.  The loose skin around their jaw line causes drool leakage.  Other dogs drool from excitement especially around food, the scent of food or even the thought of food.  If your dog is a natural drooler, you may have to keep a roll of paper towels handy.  Dog drool, especially on hard flooring, can be a slipping hazard!  If he is a food-induced drooler, you may want to feed him outside.

If your dog is a born drooler, try placing an absorbent bib or bandana around his neck with the point in the front.  It will collect some of the drool that would otherwise fall onto his chest.  We like using the thinner cotton dishtowels, the more absorbent the better.

If your dog is not a natural drooler, check for the following:

Nausea.  This could be caused by something he ate or motion sickness.  Sometimes mixing lots of different kinds of foods together, giving your dog heavily spiced foods or too much food can cause gastric upset.  In any case, you should prepare for vomiting.  If you're in the car, this would be a good time to pull over and let your dog walk a bit.

Mouth problems.  This could be caused by something lodged in his mouth like a piece of bone or a wood splinter.  It could also be caused by a tooth or gum problem. 

Poisoning or disease.  Check immediately for anything odd that your dog licked or ingested. 

If drooling is unusual for your dog, you cannot find the cause or it is accompanied by other unusual symptoms, it's best to contact your vet immediately. 


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