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Keeping Your Dog Youthful

Practical, everyday things to extend your dog's life Staff Writer

Aging in dogs, as in humans, can vary greatly between individuals.  Although there are breed-related life expectancies, there are many ways to keep your dog happy, healthy and moving freely well into his "senior" years.

We see many large breed dogs with life expectancies as short as 10-12 years being active and happy at 15.  They enjoy daily walks, love mealtimes and snooze contentedly in the sun.

Things you can do to encourage vitality in your older dog

- Exercise daily even if the exercise consists of several slow walks through flat terrain rather than chasing Frisbees.
- Consider a new, more easily digested and nutrient rich diet including those foods specifically meant for older dogs.

- Consider calorie reduction to go along with your dog's reduced caloric expenditure to keep weight constant.  Studies show that calorie reduction of approximately 1/3rd can significantly extend the healthy lifespan of mice.  That kind of reduction is significant and may be uncomfortable and unnecessary for your dog.

- Have his teeth examined and cleaned if necessary to reduce the possibility of infection.  Brush his teeth daily and/or give him teeth cleaning treats.

- Make sure he has a warm, soft and supportive bed away from drafts and household traffic.  Consider, especially during cold weather, a heating pad made for pets. 

- Keep an eye out for age related disorders and diseases such as arthritis, deafness, cataracts, incontinence, heart disease, cancer and senility.  Older dogs often require more veterinary care just as older people do. 

- Take unusual weight reduction or loss of appetite seriously and have tests such as blood work and radiographs done at your vet.  As a defense mechanism, many dogs will not show pain as obviously as people will.

Things you may wish to avoid doing:

- Don't treat your older dog as if he were an invalid or on death's door.  He will take his cues from you and this may lead to premature inactivity and aging.

- Don't expect your older dog to fit into the life expectancies of his breed or size.  Each dog is an individual plus the life expectancy of the average dog has nearly doubled in the last several decades simply through better nutrition and health care.  We know many large breed dogs that have reached the age of 14 or even 15 and still enjoy daily walks. 

With the right care, exercise and comfortable living conditions, your older dog may surprise you with extra years of healthy companionship.

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