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Puppy Proofing Your House: Indoors

Preparing ahead of time will make time with your new puppy carefree and fun Staff Writer

Puppies are notorious for getting themselves into trouble.  They paw at everything, they mouth everything, they chew, tear and often swallow everything.  The world is their oyster and they assume it is perfectly safe and inviting.  They also assume that everything they can get hold of is theirs for the taking. 

We have put together this article for puppy proofing your home. You will want to use it well in advance of bringing your new puppy home because you may have to rearrange furniture, remove plants and tie up draperies.  You will then be free to enjoy your new puppy.

What Puppies Do
Here are the amusing activities that puppies typically engage in from the day you bring them home.

Claw, Shred and Tear
Tip, Open, Pull and Remove
Wet and Soil

If you print out this page and examine your house against this list, you can see how easy it is for your puppy to get into trouble.  Here are some examples of what your new puppy may be after.

Claw, Shred and Tear newspapers and magazines, upholstery, homework (which may be a good thing), screens, audio speakers, doors, cabinets, drywall, wallpaper and woodwork.

Chew wicker and wood furniture, baskets, books, electrical cords, dolls and stuffed animals, socks and shoes, purses and briefcases, tassels and fringe.

Ingest pins and tacks, household cleaners, vinyl and plastic, bits of fabric, pantyhose, children's toys, cat toys, aluminum foil, food. 

Dig houseplants, cat litter box, bedding and rugs.

Tip, Open, Pull and Remove trash cans, laundry bins, grocery bags, household decorations, bags of kibble.

Wet and Soil carpeting, rugs, couches and chairs, floor cushions, beanbags, newspapers and magazines.

Escape out of the house or yard and into the street usually by digging underneath a fence or slipping through an open door or window.

Once you identify which parts of your house may be appealing to your puppy's destructive habits, you can think about sectioning your house with doors and gates.  You can then move furniture and items temporarily to other rooms, place them out of reach or protect them.   

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