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Please play safely and put away all toys when not in use.  Please do not eat any part of any toy!

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---"I want to add my praise for WiggleLegs Frog toy.  My cat loves to play with WiggleLegs No other toy will do.  When I ask her to find WiggleLegs she goes right to it!  I just ordered 3 more as I'm afraid you will stop making them and then I don't know what we will do!"

---"Once again, you have provided excellent service with an excellent product. Thanks for the extra - it was a hit! My cats are totally addicted to the WiggleLegs Frog, so please keep plenty in stock!"

---"I just wanted to let you know that my cat, Molly, is absolutely addicted to your FlyToys. I literally have to hide them from her so she will go to sleep at night, but as soon as morning arrives she is sitting right in front of their hiding place waiting for them to come out and play."

Each MetPet FlyToy is handmade by skilled artisans with great attention to detail.  They come in the form of bugs, amphibians, mammals and more in three very reasonable price points.

---"I can't believe how your company understands cats so well"

Household Tips for Dogs


Quick and easy tips for enriching your dog's life and making yours easier Staff Writer    

Our Housekeeping Tips for Cats are a hit!  Therefore, we've decided that Dogs need the same attention especially since they're apt to make a much bigger mess than practically anyone.  Some of the tips are found in both the Cats and Dogs areas so if you're thinking deja vu you're probably right.  We like to be thoroughly original at all times in the Dog area but we occasionally sneak a peek and see what the Cat people are up to.  (Usually they're napping)

TIP #1  Vicks Vap-O-Rub?
We've tried this out at home and it works for us.  Let us know if it works for you!  Just don't let anyone ingest anything please.

If your dog is still chewing all the wood he can reach, try a dab of Vicks.  Place a small amount onto the wood (table legs, corners of cabinets are favorite spots).  Pups seems to abhore the strong scent and stay away.  Replace every few days as the smell disappears and give your dog chewing alternatives.  

TIP #2  Sterilized Bones as Toys
We buy a couple of those white, hard (petrified if you ask us!), sterilized bones.  We avoid the ones with the rawhide chunks inside and get the hollow ones.  These are not to be confused with the brown bones that are not sterilized, not petrified and can be chewed into really sharp shards (bad on those soft intestines).  

We stuff the bones with bananas (please peel first), liver paste, treats, peanut butter, etc.  Unless your dog has a really long tongue or a very narrow nose, it will take him awhile to get the treat out of the bone.  When the treat's gone, there's always the bone to mouth.  As long as the bone stays intact, it can be filled again and again!  When the bone splinters, toss it out because it can be dangerous to the stomach.    

Note that these tough and heavy bones are a bit noisy on hardwood floors.  Note also that you can use the same stuffing in hollow rubber dog toys.

TIP #3  Fruit as Toys
He ignores those nylon bone things, he turns tail and walks away from those smelly, rubber chew balls and he's hidden all of those rope toys.  You're all running late this morning and you're wondering what he's going to be up to all day.  Run for the fridge!  Grab an apple, a tomato (only if your dog is outside, otherwise you'll be picking up seeds all evening) or maybe even a banana and say, "hey Rover it's your new expensive store-bought chew toy!"  

Our dogs love to roll apples (Fuji are the sweetest and the best but a good Golden Delicious will do nicely) around the patio. They attack them and dance around them and then settle down to munch quietly.  After that, they roll over and snooze.  If you're not sure, check with your vet about what's ok for your dog to munch.

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