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Preparing for Hot Weather

Tips to weathering the heat of summer Staff Writer

Cats and especially dogs need extra attention in the heat of summer.  Cats are warmth loving creatures and appear to tolerate temperatures about 20 degrees hotter than is comfortable for us.

The ancestor to the domesticated feline is thought to have come from the desert so perhaps that explains the average cat's love of sitting underneath warm lights.  It may also explain why cats love to play (and poop) in sand but we're digressing.

Dogs, on the other hand, find it difficult to dissipate body heat.  Heavy-coated northern breeds in particular may be dangerously miserable without special attention.

Dogs release heat primarily through panting.  Place your hand in front of your dog's mouth when he's panting and you can feel the heat coming from inside your dog.  Dogs who cannot open their mouths to pant can die from heatstroke.  Dogs also lose some heat from their paw pads but, in general, they heat up quickly in hot weather and stay hot.

Lots of water everywhere
Summer is a good time to go from having a small bowl of water to several large bowls of water.  If you have the space, it's a good idea to have several large bowls of water available at all times so there's no chance of running out.

Adjusting schedules
The hottest time of day is usually between 10 AM and 3 PM.  It's a good time to leave strenuous activities to the morning or after the sun has gone down.

Hot days encourage snoozing and loafing.  You can see just how hot it is by watching your cat.  The colder it is, the more the cat curls up.  The hotter it is, the more he uncurls himself.  If he's laid out flat on his side in the shade, it's very hot.

Adjusting caloric intake
If you live in a climate with big swings in temperature between winter and summer, everyone can benefit from a cut in caloric intake.  You can decrease portions, substitute some lightly cooked or raw summer vegetables for bulk without many calories or switch to a lower calorie food. 

Provide shade and cool surfaces
Cats and dogs can use one or two cool places to nap.  Many dogs like to sleep on tile or marble floors because they are cooler to the touch than carpeting.  Some dogs find sleeping in the garage or bathroom the coolest while cats can be found sleeping in the bathroom sink.

Outside, everyone needs plenty of trees or roofs to lie under that can provide shade all during the day.  On really hot days, spray water on surfaces during the day to cool them or use a water mister. 

Go swimming
Unless you have that rarest of felines, the swimming cat, you may want to take only your dog for a swim.  Not all dogs like to swim but even being near the water or just romping around it is cooling on a hot day.

We have tried inflatable baby pools in a pinch but our dogs have either ignored them or punched holes in them.   They are inexpensive, though, and probably still worth a try.  

Staying at home
On sunny days, even those that don't feel particularly hot, cars can become ovens on wheels.  If there's even a chance that you will have to leave your pet in the car, it's best to leave them at home. 

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