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Potentially Toxic Foods For Dogs Staff Writer

What foods are actually toxic to dogs?  Which foods are toxic in small quantities and which are toxic only in large quantities?  Are some foods toxic to some dogs and not to others?  Which toxicities have been proven scientifically?  Is toxicity always long-term, permanent or fatal or simply irritating and passing?  What is real and what is only conjecture? 

This is a very confusing situation even for humans and our food.  One day we are told to eat pasta and bread, the next day we are told to stop eating pasta and bread.  One day we are told to eat margarine instead of butter, the next day we are told to eat butter instead of margarine.  We are confused because the evidence is sketchy, anecdotal and usually devoid of long-term, large, randomized, double-blind studies.  When studies exist, they are sometimes ignored or the wrong conclusions drawn.  The same problems exist in our understanding of the diet of dogs. 

This list is a collection of foods that are reasonably considered toxic to dogs particularly in large quantities.  Since dogs can easily avoid most of these foods, it makes sense to avoid feeding them to your dog.  This is also a handy reference guide if your dog exhibits signs of distress.  If you know that your dog has eaten the chocolate-coffee birthday cake covered in macadamia nuts along with the raw onion avocado dip, you can take this information to your veterinarian. 

The following foods are potentially toxic to dogs.  They may be harmful in large quantities.  They may also be unhealthy for puppies, senior dogs or dogs with diseases or disorders.  Some breeds may also be genetically inclined to have bad reactions to some foods. Some dogs have been known to eat many of these foods and have exhibited no known ill effects. 

1. Onions, particularly raw onions
2. Grapes and Raisins
3. Chocolate, particularly dark baker's chocolate
4. Coffee, sodas, teas and other caffeinated beverages
5. Garlic - in large doses
6. The seeds and pits of fruits
7. Green and/or sprouted potatoes
8. Rhubarb leaves
9. Broccoli - in large quantities
10. Macadamia nuts
11. Green tomatoes, leaves and stems
12. Uncooked yeast dough
13. Alcohol
14. Moldy food including blue cheeses
15. Raw or undercooked eggs
16. Raw or undercooked fish
17. Raw or undercooked chicken
18. Raw or undercooked hamburger
18. Heavy spices, salts and peppers
19. Mushrooms
20. Foods with Xylitol, a sweetener
21. Avocados - possibly caused by an allergic reaction in some dogs
22. Milk and dairy products for lactose-intolerant dogs
23. Spoiled foods
24. Liver - in large quantities

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