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Come Command for Dogs

How to teach this most important idea to your dog Staff Writer

If you and your dog learn only one command, this is the one to know.  If your dog will come to you every time you call him and under all circumstances, you can transform your life! It will keep him safe and you sane so it's definitely worth spending much time, effort and affection getting this one right all the time. 


If a dog wants to come to you he will.  So how do you make him want to come?  Every single time your dog comes to you (versus you going to him) for any reason and at any time praise him.  This includes the time he comes to you after ripping up your wall-to-wall carpeting (we've seen this ourselves) or pooping on your new couch. 

Say, for example, that he has run across the park to chase squirrels.  You tell him to come and he ignores you or runs away.  After you've chased him for 3 hours, you get close, he sees you and comes toward you looking sheepish.   Praise him for coming! 

It seems counterintuitive since you want to let him know how mad you are.  However, from the dog's perspective, he's come to you and you're yelling at him.  He can't help but associate coming with yelling.  The next time, he's going to be just that much more reluctant to come. 

Consider, on the other hand, that you've just praised him even though you're hopping mad.  He's just had a wonderful time chasing squirrels and now he's having a wonderful time with you.  The next time he's in the park and you call him he'll remember that being with you is fun also.  He won't have to think that squirrels are fun and you are not.  He'll be much more likely to come when called.

If you want to take your dog to the vet, clip his nails or give him a bath, go and get him.  Don't tell him to come and then make him unhappy that he did.  Come should always be a 100% positive experience. 


To teach come, you will need your dog on a collar and an extra long or retractable leash.   An extra long leash could even be a sturdy piece of clothesline firmly knotted to your dog's collar.  If you use a retractable leash, get the longest one you can find.   Twenty feet is a reasonable length. 

Most people find it easiest to train dogs using food treats but others are adamantly against the practice.  It is up to you.  We like using treats because most dogs like treats and that is reason enough. 

If you use treats, you will have to make them large enough to entice your dog but small enough not to fill him up quickly.  Use treats that are truly treats, pieces of his regular kibble usually are not that exciting.  Dried liver, roasted chicken, cheese cubes usually work wonders.

In a field, yard or park, let him wander around for a few minutes as he pleases.  Without warning and in the most enthusiastic voice you can muster, do the following in quick succession:

Say his name "Rover!"
    Say "COME!"
    Give the hand command for "COME!"
    Pop and release the leash if he doesn't come on his own.  Popping the leash means to tug swiftly and sharply and then release immediately.  It is meant to get your dog's attention but not drag him to you. 

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