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Come Command for Dogs   Page 2


You can incorporate the sit command with the come command if you like.  When he comes, he should sit automatically in front of you and then receive the treat or praise.  

While he's learning, tell him to come only when he's on leash.  If you tell him to come and you can't make him come, he will not be very impressed.  The command to come will end up meaning, "Come if you don't have anything better to do."

If your dog is very young, limit training to a few minutes at a time.  Within that few minutes, get in several come commands.  Then repeat the training several times a day every day.  One very good idea is to feed your dog's dinner to him kibble by kibble.  Make him come (or sit, stay, etc.) for each piece.  

Doing Without Treats

You will eventually want to call him without having treats.  Otherwise, you will always have to carry something delicious with you and that is highly impractical.  We love this little anecdote about pigeon training.   It's the best way to describe the weaning process. 

More Training Tips

When he's coming consistently, try m

ixing up the command for variety.  He will then become used to coming in a wide variety of environments and situations. 

For example, you can try giving him just the audible or just the visible command.  You can go to another room (or hide behind your couch) and call him.  You can also call him from across the dog park with just the hand signal.  

Repeat Frequently and Forever

Everyone, including your dog, gets out of practice and forgets things.  Therefore, it's best to use this command several times a day, every day, forever.  At some point, it will become a reflex for your dog.  In the future, when he runs toward a busy street after a squirrel, this command could save his life!

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