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Please play safely and put away all toys when not in use.  Please do not eat any part of any toy!

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---"I want to add my praise for WiggleLegs Frog toy.  My cat loves to play with WiggleLegs No other toy will do.  When I ask her to find WiggleLegs she goes right to it!  I just ordered 3 more as I'm afraid you will stop making them and then I don't know what we will do!"

---"Once again, you have provided excellent service with an excellent product. Thanks for the extra - it was a hit! My cats are totally addicted to the WiggleLegs Frog, so please keep plenty in stock!"

---"I just wanted to let you know that my cat, Molly, is absolutely addicted to your FlyToys. I literally have to hide them from her so she will go to sleep at night, but as soon as morning arrives she is sitting right in front of their hiding place waiting for them to come out and play."

Each MetPet FlyToy is handmade by skilled artisans with great attention to detail.  They come in the form of bugs, amphibians, mammals and more in three very reasonable price points.

---"I can't believe how your company understands cats so well"

Round Sweet Fruit and Vegetable Toys For Your Dog

Fresh, raw treats for dogs straight from the green grocer Staff Writer apple with leafDogs love their liver snacks, their wheat biscuits and their rolled rawhide but they also like a change of pace from the cooked and processed.  Why not try some fresh, round fruits that are fun to roll around, toss into the air and eventually eat? 

Apples and tomatoes, when ripe and in season, are favorites especially as they come in their own organic, digestible packaging.  We only give dogs sweet fruit as anything bitter or sour can put them off fruit for a very long time if not forever.  Offer them at room temperature instead of straight from the refrigerator to enhance the sweet sensation.

Tomatoes are best if you grow them yourself.  Those from the tomatoes on the vine sometimes resemble baseballs and require dressing prior to consumption.  Cherry tomatoes tend to be the sweetest and the easiest to roll around.  They're just the right size for puppies and small dogs but make sure you watch them while they play so they don't accidentally choke on them. 

Consider sturdy Romas or Beefsteaks for larger dogs.  If you have the space and time, Sweet100's, GreenZebras and other cherry varieties are easy to grow, ripen quickly and are delicious to eat. 

Friends swear by oranges for their dogs but we've never had much success with citrus fruits ourselves.  Although it's not spherical per se, we and our dogs love raw broccoli florettes.  These are simply the half round tops snapped off the broccoli heads.  If you're more ambitious, buy a melon baller and make round fruit balls from cantaloupes, honeydews and seedless watermelons.  If you have access to oversized zucchini they can work as well. 

Steer clear of grapes and raisins.  Although it's unclear what the mechanism is, grapes and their concentrated cousins the raisins, appear to cause kidney failure in some dogs.  Although many dogs have eaten both with no apparent ill effects, it's best to err on the side of caution. Weimaraner puppy with strawberryPuppies especially like to roll fruit around the floor before sinking their teeth into them.  If you have carpets....don't do this inside.  Save them for the patio or spread a tarp or bed sheet down.  Some dogs are notoriously messy and some fruits, especially berries and tomatoes leave bits behind.

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