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Semi-Raw Beef For Dogs and Cats

A safer way to provide 'raw' meat Staff Writer

If you are interested in providing dog or cat food that is closer to its 'natural' state, consider searing beef before serving.  The high temperatures required to sear meat will eliminate bacteria located on the outside of the cut of meat.  At the same time, the short cooking time will keep the inside very rare. 

You can sear beef easily on top of the stove in a nonstick skillet.  No oil is required with a nonstick skillet so simply heat up the pan  and add in solid pieces of meat.  When the meat turns brown, simply flip it over.  Too much liquid will slow down the searing so you may have to pour or spoon off liquid as it forms. 

Using tongs, make sure to brown, but not burn, all exposed sides.  If you have a thin slice of beef, chill it in the refrigerator before cooking.  The lower temperature will help keep the inside from cooking too quickly

When the meat cools, slice into small, thin strips for cats and bite-sized chunks for dogs.  You can store the extra beef in the refrigerator but you should use it as soon as possible since you took the trouble to make a fresh meal. 

When cool, seared chunks of beef also make good training treats.  Treats can be quite small as much of your dog or cat's enjoyment of them is in the smelling and not just the tasting.  Since both dogs and cats are geared toward appreciating protein and fat, a small beef treat can be just as enjoyable as a large wheat biscuit.

Thoroughly cook ground meats and poultry

The searing which works so well on a solid piece of meat is defeated when you use ground meat.  Ground meat mixes the outside and inside of a piece of meat together.  A very rare burger, for example, will have whatever was on the outside of the meat still inside in an uncooked state. 

Poultry should always be thoroughly cooked until the juices run clear with no red or pink in them. 

Always ask your veterinarian before making major changes to your dog or cat's diet.

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