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Food Allergies in Dogs

Is that constant itching coming from the dog food? Staff Writer

Is your dog uncomfortable in his own skin?  Is he losing his hair and scratching away his skin?  Approximately 20% of dogs may suffer from allergies during their lifetime and food accounts for about 10% of those allergic reactions. 

Since they are relatively uncommon, allergies to food may be overlooked.  Allergies can come and go during your dog's life.  A brand of dog food or a diet that your dog has eaten all of his life is rarely seen as the culprit.  Although it takes some detective work on your part, food allergies can be avoided entirely by avoiding the food itself. 


Food allergies usually manifest as skin and coat problems.  Not only is the itching uncomfortable, it can also lead to bacterial infections.  In some cases, other symptoms related to the digestive tract may occur as well. 

Symptoms of food allergies can include:

Dull and/or flaky coat
Itchy and inflamed ears
Itchy and inflamed paws
Itchy and inflamed rears
Itchy and inflamed heads
All of the above can appear as head shaking, excessive licking, excessive itching, rubbing against carpet or furniture, red and raw areas of the skin and hair loss. 

Nasal discharge
Eye discharge
Asthma like breathing problems

Digestive problems - less common
Diarrhea and loose stool
Increased frequency of bowel movements

Behavioral changes

Commercial Hypoallergenic Diet

If you suspect a food allergy, you can try a commercially available hypoallergenic diet usually available from your veterinarian.  These are dry and canned foods with limited ingredients that have novel proteins such as venison or duck. 

If the new food succeeds in eliminating the symptoms, then you know that food is the source of your dog's allergic reaction even though you cannot pinpoint the specific food or foods.  A hypoallergenic diet is very bland and your dog may simply go on dog food strike and stop eating altogether. 

If you wish to determine the specific source of the allergy, you need to try either a commercial or homemade exclusion diet. 

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