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Catnip Tea for People is Delicious

Catnip makes many cats crazy but it also makes a soothing and relaxing beverage for humans. staff

I enjoy the scent of catnip and the dried and cut version looks like a grassy herbal tea. Is it worth trying out hot or cold?

If you are going to plant some catnip for Fluffy, why not indulge in some yourself.  Catnip tea is considered to be good for the nerves and soothing for upset stomachs. It is reputed to have a mildly sedating effect on people and has been used for any number of ailments including colic, headache and toothache.

Catnip has a nice mint flavor.  It is also available in teabags.

Sweetened Catnip Tea

1 mug full of boiling water
1 heaping teaspoon fresh cut or crushed catnip leaves
Honey, sugar or other sweetener to taste

Boil the water, let it cool a minute down to approximately 175 degrees as if for green tea and then put the leaves into an infuser and steep for a few minutes.  Add sweetener as desired. The result is a heavy-mint tea. That is, a tea that is definitely minty but not overly so.

On a hot day you can cool it and drink it over crushed ice.  Place a leafy stem inside the cup for show. 

We have heard that you can freeze it and turn it into a minty sorbet but we haven't tried that concoction yet.

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