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Bouncers Bagged

Bouncers Bat and Swat Cat Toy
Bouncers come in a variety of colors

$3.29     bag of 6           Item  #10483



Balls in a variety of sizes, weights and colors

Bouncers are plain balls with nothing inside.  We like to have a variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses in stock so they may vary from one day to the next.  Some Bouncers are heavier and thicker and have a low bounce while others are very lightweight and easy to swat around.  Unless otherwise noted, our bags of Bouncers may have variations. 

Some cats have specific preferences for colors while others do not care.  Having a contrasting color to your floor coverings may make it easier for your cat to see. 

Approximately 3/4" in diameter


  • Great for use in bathtubs and pools or on hard surface floors or smooth carpeting
  • Easy to roll on hard floors or toss into the air

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