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SkinnySix Spiders

SkinnySix Spiders Cat Toy

SkinnySix Spiders. Six feet of toy on our 12" classic clear rod.
See also our SkinnySix Natural Leather for quieter kitties.

SkinnySix Spiders Cat Toy

Dangle from way above. It helps if you have a second story or are very tall.
SkinnySix Spiders Cat Toy

Braided cording in black or white with colorful flecks. Silky poly ribbon clusters.

$10.49              Item  #20075

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SkinnySixes the cat and people dual exerciser

Our classic, super popular Spiders cat toy has grown up to be very tall and very skinny. The sturdy braided 6 foot long cord has sprouted skinny tendrils of fluttering ribbon along with a tiny bell. It is attached to our classic 12" clear rod.

We originally used the SkinnySixes Spiders to dangle through the upstairs bannister to the cats below but then we found it interesting to pull the extra-long cord along the floor and carpeting as we moved from room to room. We went up and down the stairs, around corners, around furniture.

Since SkinnySixes Spiders are so long we could move without bending and found out we were adding many steps to our fitness trackers. The cats were very amused especially as the SkinnySixes Spider disappeared slowly behind the couch seemingly all on their own. It's magic.

cord length approx. 6 feet
handle - 12 inches
Ribbon, cord and rod caps come in various color combinations.

Please put away when not in use and do not eat any part of any toy. 


  • Durable nylon cording and poly ribbon
  • Clear acrylic handle
  • Comes with either white or black braided cording with various combination of ribbon colors Footer