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Streamers On A Wire

Streamers On A Wire Cat Toy
Streamers-On-A-Wire come in a variety of colorful ribbon and cap colors. 

$9.99               Item  #10458



Long, colorful and slinky

This is a classic, a staple that belongs in every cat's toy box. It is soft and safe enough for kittens and gentle enough for even the most elderly cat. The young, athletic cat will appreciate the reach and movement you can achieve with the long wire and ribbon strands.

The Streamer-On-A-Wire is an all around favorite and has the longest reach of any wire toy - 4 1/2 feet!

a generous 20 strands of ribbon of varying colors and widths
ribbon length approx. 16"
rod and wand handle approx. 40"


  • Drag it along the floor, over furniture, around corners.  Hold it overhead just out of easy reach. 
  • Great for sitting in a comfortable chair and moving it all around you. 
  • Furl and hang on a hook or coat hanger for easy storage.
  • Please put away when not in use and do not eat any part of any toy Footer