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SkinnySix Natural Leather

SkinnySix Spiders Cat Toy

 SkinnySix Natural Leather 6 feet of toy on our classic 12" clear acrylic rod.
See also SkinnySix Spiders with the same great length but more heft for bolder cats.

SkinnySix Natural Leather Cat Toy

SkinnySix is great for quiet, shy cats.
SkinnySix Natural Leather Cat Toy

Smooth and soft natural leather is suitable for gentle play with kittens and senior cats or for high speed excitement for your most experienced hunter.

$7.99               Item  #20074



SkinnySix Natural Leather

Along with the SkinnySix Spiders, this is our longest cat toy. Originally made to dangle through 2nd floor bannisters, we found they also gave people lots of exercise as they were pulled along the floor.

Gently whip the SkinnySix in the air just above your cat's head. Trail it along the floor, through the house staying just ahead of your cat. Once in awhile let Fluffy 'catch' the SkinnySix and then set off with it again. This is a toy all cats should have in their toybox rotation.

cord length approx. 6 feet
handle - 12 inches

Please put away when not in use and do not eat any part of any toy.


  • 6 feet of very skinny natural leather
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Clear acrylic handle Footer