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RattleBouncer Tails

RattleBouncer Tails come in a variety of color combinations. Balls may come in purple, red, silver, orange, white and other colors. Some colors may be lighter in weight than other colors.

$2.99     bag of 2           Item  #10463



Rice inside makes a delicate rattle

RattleBouncer Tails have the chukka-chukka sound of real rice grains inside.  They make a delicate, quiet sound that is intriguing to cats. 

They roll and wobble lightly across the floor and come to rest at interesting angles.  They come in a variety of ribbon and ball color combinations.  RattleBouncer Tails may vary slightly in weight and size.

Approximately 1" x 2.5"


  • Makes an interesting sound when pushed or shaken
  • Wobbles enticingly Header