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AirSpinner Turkey Cat Toy

AirSpinner White Turkey Full Toy. AirSpinner Guinea Head sold separately.

$9.99               Item  #10649

Air Spinner
Includes both the handle and the replaceable feather head.


$3.99               Item  #10650

AirSpinner feather head replacement



Is there a bird in the house?  It's a twirling, spinning AirSpinner.  Snap a feathered head onto the end of this yard-long handle and pull it through the air. 

AirSpinners spin and make a delicate luffing sound that mimics the sound of flying birds and is very exciting for cats. 

Keep it just ahead of your cat and allow it to gently catch 'the bird' once in many, many tries.  Birds are hard to catch and the chase is the thing. 

AirSpinners come in two varieties: brown-beige striped Guinea feathers and White Turkey feathers.  A decorative fluff of feathers in white, natural brown or pastel colors decorates the base. 

Snap-in ball and chain connectors makes the feather head easy to replace. 


  • The AirSpinner full toy comes with the long rod and wire wand plus a feather head. 
  • AirSpinner replacements are the feather head by itself
  • The Guinea head is smaller, lighter and shorter than the Turkey head.  Some cats really appreciate the striped pattern on the Guinea while other cats prefer the tougher Turkey.
  • Furl and hang on a hook or coat hanger for easy storage.
  • Please put away when not in use and do not eat any part of any toy
  • feather length approx. 6-8"
  • rod and wire wand approx. 40" Footer