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AirSpinner Turkey Cat Toy

RaffiaRustlers come in a variety of ribbon and cap color combinations. Shown here unfurled for play and furled for storage.

$12.99               Item  #10443


A full bunch of natural fronds

We take a generous number of long strips of natural raffia (dried palm leaves) and sturdy ribbon and bundle them onto the end of our long wire and rod wand.

This truly unusual toy makes a wonderful "rustling" sound as you dangle it overhead.

Move it gently and slowly through the air, over the carpet or floor and over furniture (watch those claws though) as it makes a gentle rustling sound. 


  • furl and hang on a hook or coat hanger for easy storage.
  • raffia fronds and ribbon length approx. 18"
  • rod and wire wand approx. 40"
  • please put away when not in use and do not eat any part of any toy Header