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New! BouncersVariety 

Every cat needs variety in life. New BouncersVariety includes 1 big, 1 holey, 2 ultralights, 2 regular.

Bouncers plus BigBouncer

FlingerFluffs new and improved

FlingerFluffs cat toys have even longer accent feathers and a new lavender color.

FlingerFluff Cat Toys

Make your own custom interactive cat toys with our classic rods. Now made easy!

JustRods Clear

Cats love carrying around these insect-like mixes of feathers, fleece and paper rolls. PaperFluffs puts them in a handy little package.

PaperFluff Cat Toys

Cat WalkingJackets in a variety of beautiful colors.
Teaching your cat to be comfortable in a WalkingJacket is great safety feature. Keep an extra WalkingJacket and leash inside your cat's Go Bag for emergencies.


Spiders Cat Toys  

Every cat should have a Spider in the toy box. It hits all the right notes: fat cord, bunches of ribbon, little bell. Also available in black cord.

SkinnySix Spiders and SkinnySix Leather

Exercise yourself and your cat. Our extra, extra long toys are long enough to hold while walking around the house or yard.



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