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    SkinnySix Natural Leather

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NEW. Add a LiteLeash to your WalkingJacket.

Made from the same material as the WalkingJacket straps. Add it for just $4.99.

LiteLeash for WalkingJackets

Cold weather? Play indoors with a handmade FlyToy

Available in a variety of colors, textures, materials to entice even the most jaded kitty. The Mouse Natural is a good place to start with FlyToys.

Mouse Natural FlyToy Interactive Cat Toy


Have you walked your cat today?

Now all 7 colors of WalkingJackets come in both Soft Sided and Cushioned in both Standard and Large sizes. Need some more information? See the instructions. Order your WalkingJacket today and enjoy the change of seasons. Wet weather brings out next smells, new textures, next sensations to enjoy.

"I purchased one of these in April for my 4 cats and it took only a couple of days for them to ASK to be put into it to go outside!"


Classic cat toy in white


Every cat should have a spider in the toy box. It hits all the right notes: fat cord, bunches of ribbon, little bell. Also available in black cord.

SkinnySix Spiders and SkinnySix Natural Leather



New! Exercise yourself and your cat. Our extra, extra long toys are long enough to hold while walking around the house or yard.


RattleBouncerTails Cat Toys 2/bag

Rice inside make a delightful, natural sound. 

BugFruit FlyToy

After a long absence, the BugFruit is back in stock. Stock up now. Footer