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Hand-Tied FlyToy  

Each of our FlyToys is a work of great craftsmanship and is a special treat for even the most experienced and jaded of kitties.

SwimmingFrog Orange FlyToy

Make Your Own Cat Toy
Our JustRods make it easy to get creative.

JustRods Clear

MetPet cat toys work great with scratchers


Our cat toys work great with cat trees, condos and scratching posts. Play with a rod toy like Spiders or MiniRods around the post. As your cat reaches for the toy, they can dig their claws into the post or cat furniture. It is very satisfying and fun for kitty and will make it clear that claws are limited to scratching posts and cat furniture. We may earn a commission if you click these links.

Cats love carrying around these insect-like mixes of feathers, fleece and paper rolls. PaperFluffs puts them in a handy little package.

PaperFluff Cat Toys

Cat WalkingJackets in a variety of beautiful colors.
Teaching your cat to be comfortable in a WalkingJacket is great safety feature. Keep an extra WalkingJacket and leash inside your cat's Go Bag for emergencies.

SkinnySix Leather

Our 6 foot-long toys can be flicked high into the air, over sofas, under tables and dangled from on high.
They are so long, they can entertain multiple cats and people at the same time.
Buy now for unique holiday gifts.