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Plumes Cat Toy
Plumes come in natural long feathers with white and pink feathers with assorted cap colors.  Shown here furled for storage.

$9.49               Item  #10432



Enticing, wafting, gentle feathers

Plumes are elegant, natural brown feathers of varying lengths that waft enticingly as you move the toy around your cat. We bundle up a generous number along with turkey feathers and place them on the end of our yard-long wire and comfortable acrylic handle.

For maximum longevity, keep Plumes just slightly out of reach either overhead or just vanishing around a corner. Let your cat 'catch' them every once in awhile but never let him chew on them. Cats in the wild catch their prey only about once in every ten pounces so your toy will last a long time and your cat will feel like a real hunter if the 'catch' is difficult and infrequent.

feather length approx. 6-8"
rod and wire wand approx. 40"


  • Furl and hang on a hook or coat hanger for easy storage.
  • Please put away when not in use and do not eat any part of any toy

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