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Mouse Natural FlyToy Interactive Cat Toy
Mouse Natural

Mouse Midnight FlyToy Interactive Cat Toy
Mouse Midnight




Our most popular FlyToy

Bass Fly

Head and body: deer hair

Whiskers: black moose hair

Tail and ears: leather

Eyes: black plastic or pantone

Our most popular FlyToy, the Mouse resembles a tiny mouse and natural stimulates your cat's hunting instinct.  MouseMidnight is all black and harder to see especially at night and is ideal for the experienced hunter.

fly approx. 3" long
line approx. 40" long
handle 18" long


  • Amazing resemblance to a small mouse
  • Very appealing to most cats and kittens
  • Pull along the floor, around corners and around furniture
  • Please put away when not in use and do not eat any part of any toy. Footer