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  Bat & Swat

  Rod & Line

  Wire Handles

Bat&Swat Cat Toys

Try a handful of floor-based toys. They roll, they slide, they twirl with a push of a paw.  RollerBees and Comet DoubleRollers cat toys.

RollerFlash Cat Toy

WalkingJackets for every cat

Add a WalkingJacket to your cat's emergency bag.  Even with a carrier, you will need a harness and leash if you want to safely take your cat out once you get to your destination.

Once your cat is used to wearing the WalkingJacket, you can leave it on inside the carrier without the leash for short trips.    "These jackets are just wonderful!!  My cat has hers on and loves it." - M

DiverMidnight FlyToy

NEW MiniRod Fleece

The new addition to our line of MiniRod Cat Toys is soft, lanky and colorful. We put a 30" length of fleece on our 6" rod to make a fun, easy-to-handle little toy to carry everywhere and store everywhere.

MiniRod Fleece

Midnight cat toys for your skilled hunter

Has your stealthy, skilled cat caught everything there is inside the house? Is he bored and considering chasing your ankles again? Is he looking to graduate to new challenges? 

Think Midnight.  MetPet Midnight cat toys are versions of our toys that are primarily black. They add an extra visual challenge as they hide in the shadows against baseboards and under furniture during the day and come out at night.

DiverMidnight FlyToy MiniRod Silky Midnight Mouse Midnight FlyToy

RattleBouncerTails Cat Toys

Add new Bat&Swat toys to the rotation. These colorful balls have the delightful chukka-chukka sound of rice inside. They come in a variety of ball and ribbon colors.

RattleBouncer Tails



Diver Purple&Blue Cat Toy
DiverPurple&Blue FlyToy is back!

Parakeet Cat Toy
Parakeet Bird On A Wire Cat Toy

WalkingJacket for Cats
WalkingJacket Header