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WalkingJacket For CatsTM

Cat WalkingJacketHere are the easy instructions that will come printed on the tag with your new Walking Jacket.


Leave the Walking Jacket around for a few days to let him sniff and get used to it.


fig 1) stand your cat up straight.

fig 2) adjust and buckle the collar so that it is snug. You should not be able to pull it over his ears.

fig 3) adjust and buckle the girth straps so they are snug but comfortable and the fabric curls smoothly under the stomach. Some wrinkling is inevitable and is fine.  

fig 4) attach the leash.

At this point, many cats promptly lie down. This is a strange but natural reaction.  Some cats may also scrunch down and slink across the floor.  This is also a common initial reaction.  It is similar to our first reaction to wearing a seatbelt.  It may feel odd and restrictive at first but, over time, it feels secure and comfortable. 


Associate wearing the Walking Jacket to going outside. When the jacket goes on, he gets to go out even if it’s just to the front porch!

Start at night or early morning when it's quiet. Cats can learn to follow but it is easier to let them lead.

Cats are start-and-stop walkers. They go under cars, behind bushes, through fences. To redirect your cat, hold the leash firmly until she decides to move in another direction. A dangling toy or tidbit also helps.

fig 5) if she faces you, puts his head down and backs up, she is trying to squirm out. Simply move off to one side or hold the leash up higher.

Think of the Walking Jacket as a turtleneck sweater and this makes sense. Cats generally learn to leash-walk in less than 1 week. Individuals are different so have patience and fun!

PLEASE! Never leave your cat unattended in the Walking Jacket. Some cats may crouch down to the floor when they are first outfitted with the Walking Jacket.  This is often a reaction to wearing clothes for the first time and is similar to the discomfort of wearing a seatbelt for the first time.  It feels odd to the previously unclothed cat. 

If your cat enjoys going outside, place your cat in the WalkingJacket and let him go outside.  The strong association between the WalkingJacket and the outdoors will let her adapt quickly.  We strongly suggest venturing out of doors at night or early in the morning when it is quiet and there are no people or animals about. Footer