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WalkingJacket For CatsTM Testimonials

Cat WalkingJacket"An exceptional product - highly recommended! " --- D, Illinois

"This cat is now 14 years old in our years. She has loved the first jacket and it has been a joy for us to be able to use it.   It is now terribly worn, although still red! Thank you for a splendid long lasting product." --- L

"Thank you! The Walking Jacket is the best!" --- C, Hawaii

"Missy had been wearing her "harness" every day since she got it.The walking jacket is what she wears when she is out side in her back yard. She has a long leash and loves to stay outside. The jacket is the safest and most secure " harness I have ever found. A must have for all cat owners. " --- B, North Carolina

"Agatha likes to go outside as long as she has company; we like the Cat Walking Jackets by  They also make wonderful cat toys! "  --- HFL

"I ordered the Cat Walking Jacket on a Friday and it was here on Monday! It is great quality, and so quick and easy to put on my squirmy kitty! I am so thrilled with this product, thank you!!" --- Victoria and Oliver the cat

"I purchased a walking jacket last fall. I had tried several harnesses and collars for my cat. He would squirm out of everyone of them. Then I received the jacket. It is soft and it stays on. He hasn't been able to squirm out 1 time and doesn't even try now. This jacket has given me the freedom to take my cat outside. I use it for visits to the vet also. Thank you so much for this product." --- Leeanna Footer