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WalkingJacket SoftSided
Patented Cat Harness

WalkingJacket for Cats

How to measure your cat for a good fit

Please measure your cat when she is standing on all fours. The collar and the 2 girth straps should all be snug like a seatbelt but still comfortable.

Using a string or tape measure, measure around the neck for the collar. Next, measure behind the front legs in several places, several inches apart to get an average.

WalkingJackets are easy to adjust, just like a standard dog or cat collar.  
The standard and large sizes are the same except for the length of the black straps.  The fabric portion of the WalkingJacket is used to keep the straps together and is not meant to go all around the body.  Please refer to the product pages for current sizing:

WalkingJacket Softsided

WalkingJacket Cushioned

For pictures and more information, every WalkingJacket comes with illustrated instructions also available here:

WalkingJacket Instructions Footer